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URGENT: Coms Going Down, You Need To Find Me On Telegram Right Now!

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Hello friends!

This is an urgent message from yours truly, your longtime host here at WeLoveTrump!

President Trump was just removed and permanently banned from Twitter:

That was followed quickly by Lin Wood, Gen. Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell.

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All gone.

Take a look:



Next it will be Christians…

Next it will be anyone who ever liked or retweeted President Trump.

Next….it will be YOU!

That’s fine, patriots said, we’ll just go to Parler.

And now that is under attack as well.

Both Google and Apple are taking their best efforts to REMOVE the Parler app from phones!



Let’s recap: Conservatives were first censored on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube….

Then put in social media jail.

Then banned totally.

Then we all left and went to Parler and now they want to destroy Parler!

And yes, this is what “10 Days of Darkness” that Q has been warning us about looks like.

It’s happening right now before your very eyes.

VERY soon you will see President Trump send the message: “My fellow Americans, the Storm Is Upon Us!”

It’s coming.

You may also see President Trump attempt to use the Emergency Broadcast System as his last means of communication.

We have to remain in contact.