***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial Day Four - American Patriots
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***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial Day Four

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Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial continues on Friday. Trump’s lawyers will present their defense of the former president.

All times Eastern.

12:27 PM: Schoen says the “hatred” the House Managers for Trump caused them to bypass due process. He says House leaders had contemplated  holding the articles for 100 days to give Biden time to implement his agenda. He says Trump and his counsel were given no opportunity to review evidence and the rush to judgment was just one example of a “denial of due process.”

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Schoen says Trump’s team should have been able to see the “new footage” that was used against him. He asks how House Managers got the footage that they used for political gain. He asks why it was not released by law enforcement or the Department of Justice.

12:17 PM: Van der Veen says Trump used language that politicians have used for hundreds of years when they talk about “fighting for our principles.” He says no human being believes the use of such “metaphorical terminology is an incitement to political violence.” He says there are numerous officials in D.C. have used “inflammatory language” in recent years, spending the last four years repeating that the 2016 was hacked and that Trump was a “Russian spy.” He says Democrats are using “constitutional cancel culture” to prevent Trump from running from office again. “Now is not the time for a campaign of such retribution,” he says, adding that now is a time for “unity” and “healing.” He talks about cooling temperatures and calming passions.

12:15 PM: Van der Veen says “you can’t incite what was already going to happen.”

12:05 PM: Trump lawyer Michael van der Veen says the impeachment trial is an “unjust and unconstitutional act of political vengeance.” He claims nobody could think that Trump’s speech incited violence. He plays video of House Democrats, including Raskin, objecting to certification after Trump was elected. He says it is a “preposterous” and “monstrous lie” to claim that Trump wanted to incite violence.

12:01 PM: Impeachment trial resumes. Depending on how quickly Trump’s team finishes, Senators could begin to ask their questions later this evening.

11:50 AM: The former president’s team has 16 hours over two days for their presentation. They are reportedly not expected to use even half of their allotted time.